Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.

Steve Jobs

Indie 95 Creatives


| C.O.O. and Co-Founder of

Rob has worked with us for almost 17 years in various roles focused on marketing, business development and social media. He knows us and our business intimately and is always challenging us to move in bold new directions. Creative, open-minded and constantly ready to sail into uncharted territory, we rely on Rob to take all the elements of what we do and craft them into marketing masterpieces.


| Graphic Designer & Photographer, Kingston Road Creative

Jeff is the creative mind behind the indie 95 logo and brand. Re-imagining and re-launching an existing business is a time consuming and complex process. Jeff is an artist with the creativity and patience to work successfully with an ever changing dynamic. He was able to carry our common theme and image from start to finish. As we continue to evolve, we will rely on Jeff to help us build out our brand while keeping us anchored to our vision.


| C.T.O and Co-Founder of

Investing in a connected world is impossible without technology. Managing the disparate systems that allow us to be paperless, informed, engaged and relevant would be impossible without the skills, knowledge and passion of James. He continues to keep us on track with the latest and greatest software, hardware and devices to ensure our business runs smoothly and efficiently.

The Support

iAS is our full-service securities brokerage firm, a part of IA Group, a publicly listed company with $164.8 billion in assets under administration as of September 30th, 2017. iAS enjoys the support, systems and resources of one of Canada’s largest banks, through National Bank Correspondent Network. iAS is committed to supporting the autonomy, independence and flexibility of its investment Advisors and Portfolio Managers.

The Community

Brightlane– 545 King Street West, Toronto, ON.

We are privileged to work in a shared-office space that mirrors the vitality and vibrancy of our King West neighbourhood- Brightlane. We find ourselves drawing from our community’s youth, energy and creativity.