We believe our role is to give you

free and unfettered

access to the capital markets.

Mutual funds and exchange traded funds can play an important part in a sound investment strategy. We believe that a one-size-fits-all approach prevents our client from having access to the power of the stock and bond markets.

Whether you are a trader wanting access to guidance and trade execution, a saver who wishes access to mentor-ship and implementation, a retiree who wishes to generate a conservative and stable monthly income, or someone who wishes to preserve the value of an estate, we can help. The depth and breadth of our offerings will allow us to tailor an investment strategy that meets specific needs.

With the support of Industrial Alliance Securities and National Bank Correspondent Network, we offer the power that large institutions bring to the table while having the freedom and flexibility to create intimate custom made solutions.

Investing can be classified into 2 types


You can create a custom design without having to compromise. Direct investing is fun and immediate. You take the guess work out of your portfolio’s performance. It is straightforward; you are buying a company.


You must accept some compromise that is inherent with standardized products or offerings.

Investors can be classified into 3 categories:


  • Engaging in the excitement of buying stocks, bonds and options
  • Short term time horizon
  • Run concentrated positions
  • Tend to be more speculative and momentum based


  • Investing to accomplish goals (buying a home, college fund etc)
  • Multiple time horizons
  • Slowly diversifying
  • Risk is related to time horizon

| Retirees

  • Focus on generating income
  • Preserving value of estate
  • Medium term
  • Diversified portfolios
  • Conservative stocks & bonds to minimize risk
  • Tend to want someone to oversee their money for them

Creating a tailored investment strategy that makes sense for you is our primary goal.

We offer a variety of products, services and account types for all types of investors.